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Ribbon of raw materials which will be used?

  Ribbon: yarn as raw material in a variety of narrow web-like fabric or tubular fabric. With fabric variety, widely used in various industrial sectors apparel, shoes, bags, industrial, agricultural, military, transportation and so on. 1930s, webbing are hand workshop production, raw materials for cotton, twine. After the founding of New China, the progressive development of the webbing materials used nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, rayon, forming weaving, braiding, knitting three categories of technology, fabric structure plain, twill, satin, jacquard, double, multi-layer, tubular and joint tissue.
  First, woven (woven) interweave. After warping and twisting yarn made of cheese (pan head), roll into a weft cops, webbing on the loom. 1930s, the wooden hand loom, weaving loom ironwood. In the early 1960s to 1511 loom converted into ribbon machine, it is still widely used. Because the tape width is small, weaving a different way, there are single, double bars, dozens of dollars, there are single, there are double.
  In 1967, the industry with the workers as the main non-woven belt research team successfully design their own to create a single high-speed non-woven belt machine, do not realize webbing shuttle, and shorten the process, small footprint, labor productivity, braided belt Ribbon technology is a pioneering work in the history of China.
  70 years, due to the promotion of continuous dyeing ironing machine tape, colored tape processing, after the first dyed woven by the traditional process, the development after the first weaving dyeing, weaving after the first bleaching, after continuous ironing processing, weaving technology into mechanization large-scale production ranks. The early 1980s, the industry the introduction of Switzerland, Italy, the Federal Republic of Germany high-speed non-woven belt machine, ironing joint machine, wrapped wire machines, warping machines, weaving technology into a new stage of development.
  Ribbon technology advances, bringing the upgrading of products. In 1979, China's first generation of SD9-9 rubber spindles with successful trial production, the rubber spindles with product end dependence on imports of history. In 1980, he developed the SD-81A, B-type rubber band spindles, with soft, light, thin, prison, elongation of small, low-impact, short and smooth the joint characteristics. In early 1990, the Santana supporting the use of car seat belts successful trial. But after more than two years to carry out research, organize trial, product quality to meet QC49-92 and TL-VW470 standards.
  Second, knitting (weaving spindles) yarns Meridian tube, roll forming weft insertion tube after inserted in the knitting machine fixed gear seat, a filling tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped track, in order to draw the knitting yarn cross each other. Usually an even number of spindles, woven tape is tubular spindle number is odd, woven into a flat sheet-like tape. Old Chinese ingot began weaving process applications, spindles because of different devices, generally ranging from 9 to 100, the basic process of weaving: dyeing - weft - weaving - cut off the machine open - packaging. 1960, knitting machines several technical innovations, mainly peach plate diameter enlarged, install automatic stopping device off rubber, iron ingots to nylon spindle. Improvement of these devices, so that the speed increased to 160 to 190 r / min, grandstand rate doubling, product quality greatly improved.
  Not only can weave ribbon, also woven rope. Tubular tape is a braided rope with a diameter of 1 to 4 cm of said rope or wire rope diameter greater than 4 cm, also known as rope, braided with a diameter greater than 40 cm is generally referred to as cable or cables. In 1989, the cable industry, the introduction of Japan stereotyped production line equipment, in the following year to produce polypropylene rope stereotyped, product won the national silver medal.
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