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  Dongguan Yupeng Mesh Belt Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is located at Houjie Town, Dongguan City (a famous city of manufacturing in China), and is a manufacturer specializing in design, production and sale of the mesh belts. The Factory mainly produces 600mm wide high-speed elastic, 600mm imitated high-speed elastic, 400mm double-needle and double-weft elastic, different special patterned mesh belts, patterned elastics, embossed elastics, glue dispensing elastics, printing elastics, plane elastics, bordure belts, anti-slide/slide-stopping belts, anti-friction mesh belts, national dress belts, Velcro, loose round ropes, waxing shoelaces, terylene shoelaces, shoelaces of different materials, different special mesh belts. The Factory is located at Dongguan City that has won the reputation of a famous city of manufacturing in the world and one of top-ten charming cities. The Factory covers a floor area of more than 4000m2. The Company owns such advanced production equipments as many sets of crocheting knitters from Italia, high-speed needle looms from Switzerland, high-speed jacquards from Switzerland, cotton cord looms and rope belt braiding machines from Taiwan; imported large-scale braiding machine and so on. The Company has gathered many high-quality and high-level management personnel and technical personnel.
  The process of the Company is complete and unique, quality is fine and stable. In addition, the Company can customize different styles and colors of mesh belts based on the samples offered by the clients. The Company can undertake orders of small/large batch and many varieties. The Company holds good faith to be fundamental, abides by the service tenet of “saving cost, time and efforts for clients”, and clearly presents the service mode of “quality is most important for commercial mesh belt, comprehensive variety and solution”. Our original intention is to actually become a supplier and manufacturer that offers reasonable price, fine quality, considerate service and has high efficiency. The Company addresses itself to specialized and mass production, forging high-quality products, setting excellent corporate image and reputation and meeting requirements of vast clients. The Factory utilizes the advanced production equipments, all of raw materials are purchased and imported. All of products can meet the internationally recognized environment-friendly and low-toxicity standard, can meet European and American environmental protection standards. The products are sold to Europe and America. In addition, the Company also cooperates with many domestic famous brands!
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